Gift ideas


Offer original gifts that tell a real story…granny’s story!

You can offer them the way they are or personnalized with the name or the initials of the baby

Time for personalization : 48H

Mamy factory is a kid’s clothing and birth gifts brand of hand knitted items made by French grand-mothers («mamy» meaning «granny» in French): chic and authentic clothing made from luxury and natural yarns, with meticulous finishing. Meaningful clothes which are authentically made with love and which will stay for a long time in families.
Mamy Factory revives the know-how of our grandmothers while allowing them to keep a small activity and to participate in a stimulating project. The grannies of Mamy Factory have a lot of energy and talent and they refuse to find themselves away from the society because they are retired!

Gift ideas

Sets gifts, blankets, cushions, teddy bears for birth, christening gifts handknitted by our french grannies made from wool and natural materials.

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