Mamy factory is the one and unique kids' clothing brand whose collection is mainly based on clothes and accessoires handknitted by french grand-mothers (« mamy » meaning « granny » in French) : chic and authentic clothing made from luxury and natural yarns, with meticulous finishing!
Indeed, the « factory » is not actually a real factory but rather a joyful community of more than fifty french knitting grannies aged from 59 to 91, knitting at home and at their own pace. They have a deep knowledge acquired over the years by knitting for loved ones or sometimes for knitting workshops.



01. Patterns and technical explanations of models created by our designers are sent to grannies with the yarn needed to create them.

02. Each granny makes different models in different colors to avoid monotony.

03. They contact us if they have any doubts, questions or even just to keep us informed on the progress of their work.

04. Once their work is finished, they send it to us by post.

05. The finished product are quality-checked at our headquarters. If necessary, the pieces are adjusted by our knitting grannies located in Paris.

06. Knittings are carefully stored at our headquarters before being sent to customers.

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To wear with granny’s knitwear, Mamy Factory’s collections also include very soft and comfortable 100% cotton clothing for chic and casual baby outfits.