Discoverr Hannah Haworth, a newyorker knitter fond of natural yarns and who has been knitting since her childhood.

Mamy Factory picked her to launch her second collaboration knitting kit, allowing her to express her stly and knitting know how with our Petite Cherie yarns.

Discover her inspirations and her own ideas in her full interview Mamy Factory below !

You can also discover her on her own site: Hannah Haworth

The Collab Mamy Factory X Hannah Haworth: the Céline Jumper kit

This jumper designed for kids is unique with its raglans on the braids and knit in petite cherie yarns! This is a unisex model will fit all ages and will be used through most seasons. Knitted in cables, this jumper will cater to all knitters.

Get this knitting kit on our website on this link: the Céline Kit

Interview:  Hannah Haworth x Mamy Factory

Introduction : Who are you? What is your universe ? When did you start
knitting ?

I'm Hannah, I live in the mountains of upstate New York and most of my day is spent at our house where I run my textiles company Handa and hang out with my 1 year old daughter. I really love to knit, and do so at every opportunity! I started when I was a child- originally I'm from Scotland, and I guess a lot of little girls growing up in the highlands at that time learned how to knit one way or another, they used to teach it in school even!

Question 1 : How did you discover Mamy Factory and what do you think about
this brand?
I discovered it online while I was searching for the perfect yarn for my design idea. I loved the dedication to natural fibers, and enjoyed the playful aesthetic of the brand.

Question 2 : Which were you inspiring ideas to create this model for this
collab ?
I first designed a women's version while I was expecting my daughter, I named the sweater after her and it felt natural to design for her size too- thus 'Mini' Celine was created.

Question 3 : Why did name this model Céline ?
It's named after my daughter

Question 4 : Should you have one advice to give to knit this model with the
Mamy Factory yarns, which one would it be?
You'll want to make many sizes as your child grows up- its fast to make and so easy to wear with everything!

Question 5 : your opinion on this collab in one sentence
Such a pleasure!

Question 6 : To whom would you recommend buying this kit? / your opinion on
the Mamy Factory Petite chérie yarns?

Great for someone trying cables out for the first time- the petite cherie makes fast knitting, and the angora is so flattering on the braids.

This is for anyone who wants to make an elegant and very soft sweater for a special child, it is not too much work to make as a gift either :)