Discover Mikiko Gasnier through her exclusive interview! Mamy Factory picked her to finish this 2020 season on a high note by allowing her to express all her knitting style and know-how through a model with our Mamy Factory angora yarns! Get this new collab kit on our e-shop through this link:

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Interview Mamy Factory x Porcs épics tricoteur

Introduction: Who are you? What is your universe? When did you start knitting?

My name is Mikiko, I am Japanese; I was born in Japan and have arrived in France 28 years ago. I studied painting, I was a graphic designer and now I am a creative knitter and creator of the brand "Porcs-épics Tricoteur".

Knitting, for me, has always been one of the ways to bring my imagination to life, like drawing, painting, since I was a kid. As a child, I lived with my great grandmother, who always walked around with needles or a hook. She was constantly undoing various knits and before knitting them again, totally self-taught, without any teaching method, but it was creative and somewhat magical! 

Question 1: How did you discover Mamy Factory and what do you think of this brand?

I have discovered Mamy Factory by chance a few years ago while surfing the Internet. The bond between a grandmother and her grandchildren is eternal, and universal. It's something of warm feeling that speaks to me.

Question 2: What were your inspirations to create this model for this collaboration?

I imagined a cheerful spring atmosphere, inspired by rococo murals, but in a modern way. I added joyful and decorative patterns for the middle of winter.

Question 3: Why did you name this model Bucolic Sweater? 

The name "The Bucolic" comes from a kaleidoscope of images that I associate with happiness: cheerful, decorative, colorful, with dancing insects and flowers, music ... as bucolic as you wish. It’s a very European image of the countryside, which I love :).

Question 4: If you had one piece of advice for knitting this pattern with Mamy Factory yarns, what would it be?

This pattern uses a lot of stitches that look difficult, but while reading the pattern line by line, you can see right away that the patterns never repeat exactly. What is certain is that you can have fun and knit without getting bored, all these stitches gradually reveal a design. The "Petite Cherie" yarn, which has relatively long rabbit hairs, softens the lines of the pattern, like watercolor drawings. The Bucolic is knitted top-down, so you can easily adapt it to your size, especially in terms of arm length and back, after you have finished knitting the yoke. Have fun drawing on your sweater!

Question 5: Your opinion on this collaboration in one sentence? 

So glad to have been able to try several colors for this sweater, all of Mamy Factory's yarns offer superb shades!

Question 6: Who do you recommend to buy this kit, your opinion on the Petite Cherie yarn?

The bucolic kit is designed for those who like to have a unique and patterned sweater, with a timeless design. Why not a mother-daughter association: I created a model suitable for adults and children alike. This pattern is both fun to make and to wear, to spend a happy and unforgettable winter as a duo.