Mamy Factory’s knitwear is made from luxurious and natural yarns produced by French woolen mills located in Burgundy and in the Creuse (both regions are in the center of France) and in the Nord (a region located in the north of France).
The yarns used for making Mamy Factory’s knitwear are carefully chosen for their softness and lightness: wool, alpaca, cotton, cashmere, bamboo, silk .... Mamy Factory avoids scratchy wools to respect the sensitive skin of babies. In the description of each knitted product, you will find a detailed breakdown of the yarn it was made from.
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• Wool is soft, light and strong: it can be twisted and turned and then resume its shape. It has a great tensile strength.
• Wool protects from the cold: its structure allows it to lock up a very large amount of air, which gives it a great insulating power.
• Wool absorbs moisture: it can absorb 30 to 40% of its weight in moisture, 20 to 30 times more than most synthetic materials
• Wool is hygienic: it traps very little dust and dirt.
• Wool is renewable: every year, the wool grows again after mowing. Its production requires less energy because the sheep are raised outdoors.
• Wool is 100% biodegradable: when it is no longer useful nor to sheep or man, it can be composted and fertilizes the soil.

To take care of your Mamy Factory knitwear and keep it for long time, it’s easy, just follow some simple tips >